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Vanished In Atlanta


My father was invincible, larger than life, also cold and distant. As the Pakhan of the Russian Bratva you can’t expect much more. Growing up as the second son I lived in the shadows of my brother only imagining I’ll be one of his Brigadiers until Sylvester Levi made a move for power killing them all. I’ve spent the last ten years growing the Atlanta Bratva into the organization it is today. I run my men with an iron fist all while keeping an eye on the Levi family to find my way to pay back the pain I’ve felt. The time for waiting is over, it’s time to settle the score!

I’ve been the good daughter. Never going against my family even when it means spending the rest of my life with a man that I don’t even know. Well, that was the plan, until the god of a man storms his way into my life. I’ve fought him and my growing feelings for as long as I could. I’m just praying I can stop the war that’s brewing between the families. All while trying to figure out what one is supposed to do when your greatest temptation won’t let you go. Do you give in to the temptation or continue to fight the growing inferno?

Captivated by their captives, these twelve made men only answer to the women they love. Dangerous bad boys, thrilling suspense and passion worth dying for. These possessive men will break all the rules to claim the women who have stolen their hearts. If you love boundary pushing men who are sexy, scintillating and seriously dangerous, this is the series for you.

Forever Yours

Forever Yours (2).png


I had it all because my sister was home, and I was learning the family business so I could take over one day. What I wasn’t expecting was her, my little sister's best friend. She brought light into my life, even if I couldn’t touch her. I never thought she would go missing… not once, but twice. My light was gone. So, I’m doing whatever I can to find her. Even if it costs me everything.


I’ve spent my life doing what is good and right. I help others and do my best to never let the bad and ugly get me down. The age-old saying ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ is age-old because it’s true. Then life hits me like a freight train, and I’m left trying to pick up the pieces. I refuse to bring the man I love down with me. So, when I run to the only family I’ve got left, to hide and lick my wounds, I never for a second imagined the man I left behind would come for me.

Lustfully Yours

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I finally made it. I’ve built my life so that I need and Lust for nothing. It took one look, and I knew this woman was going to be mine. I could tell she was scared and to make matters worse she’s my best friend’s sister and the princess of the Irish Mob. I’ve finally had enough of lusting and protecting her from afar. I get one moment with my Angel. Until her past tries taking her from me.  



I went across the country to try and find who I could be outside of being an O’Malley. It took only one fateful night to learn that no one is who they seem. When my past comes, calling putting the people I love in the cross hairs. I do whatever I can to protect the ones I love, even if it means facing my past on my own or that was my plan. Sometimes the hero of your dreams are exactly who they seem. 

Millitary Soldier

Hell's Sacrifice

hells sacrIfice WHITE TRANSPARENT.png

Torching Vixen

Vixen was looking for escape the day she talked her cousin into running away with two bikers. She didn’t realize the hell she was tossing them into. Several years later, she’s beaten down and ready to give up and throw it all away. She would except for the fact she feels completely responsible for dragging her cousin, Logan, into it with her.  


The last thing she ever expected was her life to change forever when members of Hell’s Sacrifice MC walk into the clubhouse, she’s called home for years. Or for the club VP, Torch, to take an instant liking to her. 


When Torch and his club leave, she and Logan are on the back of their bikes. But Vixen has a secret. One that could destroy anything between them before it gets started. One that could cause the club that saved her to go to war. One that could destroy everything. 

Razor's Edge

Razor's Edge.jpg

Ever since Vixen convinced her to go with her and the new biker friends she had made, Edge has known nothing but pain and suffering. She’s been beaten, brutalized, and pushed to her breaking point. She continues to fight for herself, for Vixen, and for the woman she wants to be, always believing that one day, she’ll escape this hell she now calls her life. She never thought it would be at another club’s hands.

Finding the love she has always known she deserved, she starts helping the people that have come to mean so much to her in her newfound freedom. She never expects that the man who gave her this opportunity will be the one to break her. This time, she can’t stay, not even for Vixen.

Ever since Hell’s Sacrifice MC showed up that fateful night and pulled Razor from the gutters, he’s had it all – brothers, freedom, family, the best computer system in the world. Topping it all, he finds the woman of his dreams. All of his sacrifices made are for the ideal that blood is thicker than water. His lies and omissions are made to save lives, even when it’s at the cost of his own happiness. He just never imagined that it could possibly cost him everything.

*Suitable for ages 18+ due to adult language, content, and situations.*


Lustfully Yours
Loved it! There was so much more to Theo & Malia’s story than I was expecting! This story has love, lust, danger, action, adventure and of course a happily ever after! It was so good! And a new author to me so I’m off to go see what else she’s written!

Lustfully Yours
Awesome book! Found me a new series! This was a great book! Loved
Torch and Vixen can't wait for Razor book

In The Press


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I am Chasing Forever One Page at a Time!

When I'm not working on Happily Ever After's for you lovely people; you can find me on the warm sand by the ocean with a drink in one hand and my favorite book in the other!

I love to ride motorcycles with music blaring and the wind in my hair to clear my head and get the muses talking. I have too many bags and shoes but never too many books.

I write Suspense, with heat and sweet sprinkled in. If you still have questions, please ask away!!!

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